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AKM Type I Bayonet - Russian -

Price: $94.95

Original Russian 6X3 AKM Type I Bayonet and Scabbard. Bakelite bayonet handle and wire cutter sheath.
Manufactured by Izhevsk or Tula Arsenal. Current stock: Izhevsk - Izhmash ("Arrow in triangle" stamp) bayonet manufacture marked.

Condition: Surplus Good. Will show use/wear, storage, rust, etc. Bakelite coloring and sheen varies.
Generally have matching re-arsenal serial number although units may display multiple serial numbers.

Comes with rubber insulator. May or may not come retention strap or hanger; if included these will show use/wear, storage, rust, etc.

Limited quantities available: No special requests or choice of manufacturer.

Price shown is for one bayonet and one scabbard.

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