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Yugo M72B1 (RPK) Parts Kit

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Yugoslavian M72B1 (RPK) Parts Kit

The Yugo M72 was made by Zastava and is a high quality copy of the Soviet RPK light machine gun with a heavy finned barrel.
It fires 7.62x39mm ammo, is gas-operated, air-cooled and has a fixed wooden stock. This model is the stamped receiver version.

Kits are used in good condition, furniture has some visible imperfections.
Wood furniture displays one or more of the following: Gouges, deep dings, splits, cracks, and so on. Generally on the lower and upper fore ends.
Matching numbers on all major parts.

Comes with cleaning rod, cleaning kit and bipod. Parts will be covered with light to heavy cosmoline.
Some parts are still attached to remnant receiver sections.
Moreover, other parts are still attached to de-milled sections of the original barrel.


  • As described.
  • Rear sight leaf problem: broken/bent/missing, otherwise as described. Recommend replacing bent sight leaf as trying to straighten generally just snaps a tab off.

Parts kits are De-Milled To BATFE Specs.
Kit does NOT include receiver, barrel or magazine.
Intended for purposes of collection, repair, or replacement parts only.

(Photos are for general reference only; condition/color of the pieces/parts/furniture varies kit to kit).

Shipping: $20.90 for one parts kit, $9.95 additional shipping on second parts kit.

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