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Swiss K31 Bayonet with Scabbard - Unissued, minor blemish

Price: $149.95

Original Swiss K31 Bayonet and Scabbard. Surplus - Unissued condition! (No serial numbers stamped into hilt).

*These have minor blemish on blade tip. Long term storage seems to have caused the cork within the tip of the scabbard to become
strongly affixed to the tip of the bayonets blade. Removing the cork via picking, scrapping, etc we have found some discoloration,
minor pitting which maybe polishable. Updated photo's of blemished tips coming soon.

Double edged hardened steel bayonet with wooden grips.

Blade Length - 11.75" and Total Length with scabbard - 17.5".

We have seen two makers marks in this unissued batch so far: Elsener Schwyz or Elsener Schwyz Victoria.
You may request one of those two manufactures in the customer comments section. We will do our best to fulfill it.

Price shown is for one bayonet and one scabbard.

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