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SUOMI M31 71-Round Drum Magazine -Repair(s) Needed

Price: $59.95
Item Number: WC-562D
Repair(s) needed - Original 71-Round 9mm Drum magazine, pre-ban.  

These Drums are original used surplus, and may have one or more common problems found on Suomi Drums, such as: broken feed lips, broken/cracked/missing feed tab, broken/missing feed stop pin, spring assembly needs to be reconnected, feed tray out of round, body or lid out of round, etc...

The drums are made up of non matching numbered parts, and are sold for the person willing to take the time to repair these minor problems or as replacement parts.

Finish varies, lids and bottoms may have different level of finish. Some rust or pitting may be present.

Price shown is for one drum.

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