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M1 Carbine Parts Kit

Price: Starting at $549.95

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Furniture Set:

Surplus U.S. M1 Carbine parts kit.
Parts and furniture mixed manufacture and type.

Kits will show signs of use/wear, storage, rust, etc.
Barrels are intact although severely worn.
Barrels display various import markings, some may be attached to remnant receiver section.

Furniture Set Options:

  • Shabby-Busted: Basically unusable, heavy wear, many cracks, dings, holes, gouges, etc.
  • Good-Serviceable: Surplus used good condition M2 stock and handguard.

Parts kits are De-Milled to BATFE Specs.

Kit does NOT include receiver or magazine.
Intended for purposes of collection, repair, or replacement parts only.

Note: All Parts kits will no longer include a magazine.
Photos are for general reference only; condition, color, parts and furniture type varies kit to kit.

Shipping: $18.30 for one parts kit, $7.35 additional shipping on second parts kit.

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