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HK11 Parts Kit 7.62×51mm

Price: $2,699.00

  Limited time sale also includes: Five free aluminum magazines; unrestricted states only.  

Surplus Heckler & Koch HK11 LMG Parts Kit - 7.62×51mm NATO

This HK11A1 kit is a magazine version of its belt fed sibling the HK21A1. These HK11A1 parts are interchangeable with other HK variants. HK21A1, HK12, HK22, and HK13, HK23 to name a few. By sourcing and swapping out several components such as the bolt head, bolt carrier, recoil spring, barrel and magazine adapter you can convert to those variants all depending upon your budget.

Condition: Surplus, used in fair to good condition. Kit maybe missing some small springs and bits and/or require replacement of those.

Being used surplus; metal parts and plastic furniture will show use/wear, storage, marring, etc. - Patina, rust and/or light pitting present on metal components.

Kit does NOT include receiver, barrel shroud or barrel.
Parts kits are De-Milled to BATFE Specs.
Intended for purposes of collection, repair, or replacement parts only.
*All NFA Rules Apply*

We cannot ship these parts to: Washington State or anywhere else prohibited by law.

Photos are for general reference only; condition/finish of the pieces/parts/furniture varies kit to kit. Price listed is for one kit.

Shipping: $19.90 for one parts kit, $8.95 additional shipping on second parts kit.

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