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Colt 9mm SMG Parts Kit

Price: $1,469.00
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Unrestricted states/areas: Add 1x Used Original Colt 9mm 32-rd stick magazine*

*Note: See additional photos for the current condition kit that is for sale.

Original Colt 9mm 10.5" Barreled Subgun Parts Kit

This was a police department trade-in that is being sold as a parts kit.

Surplus used: Good condition. Will show use/wear to all parts and furniture. 
Handguards will be cracked. Some LPK parts are non-Colt. 

Comes with one complete barreled 10.5" upper and bolt assembly.
Original chrome lined barrel. Two position stock and 9mm buffer tube.

Barrel is less than 16 inches. *All NFA Rules Apply*
We DO NOT sell parts or spare parts sets to convert guns to full automatic.
We cannot ship all parts to California, Washington, or anywhere else prohibited by law.

Parts kits are De-Milled to BATFE Specs.
Kit does NOT include lower receiver, auto sear or magazine.
Intended for purposes of collection, repair, or replacement parts only.

Note: All Parts kits will no longer include a magazine. Current kits missing bottom-mounted front sling swivel.
Photos are for general reference only; condition, color, parts and furniture type varies kit to kit.

Shipping: $18.30 for one parts kit, $7.35 additional shipping on second parts kit.

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