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Chinese Oil Bottle

Price: Starting at $2.49

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Surplus Chinese Oil Bottles
Oil Bottles were generally issued for use with: AK, SKS, and Mosin Nagant rifles.

Please Select Oil Bottle Type:
A: Metal Round Double Spout Bottle - Stamped with Chinese characters.
B: Plastic Rectangular Single Spout Bottle - Green color of bottle may vary.
C: Plastic Round Single Spout Bottle with Star - Clear/White color of bottle has some staining from grease.
D: Metal Rectangular Single Spout Bottle. Has Ridges.
E: Metal Round Single Spout Bottle. No marking or stamping. - May have slight rust or dents.

Note: Bottles have been cleaned for the picture. 
All of the oil bottles are usually covered with grease and will ship as such.

Pricing shown is for one oil bottle.

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