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Chemical Protective Glove Set

MSRP: $24.95
Price: $8.95
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Chemical Protective Glove Set.

* The components of the packaged set consist of an outer rubber glove to provide the
chemical protection and an inner glove to assist in absorption of perspiration. The outer,
five-finger gloves (rightand left hands) are of an impermeable unsupported black butyl rubber. 

* The glove set gives protection against vapors, aerosols, and small droplets of chemical
agents. One pair each of the glove sets and an instruction sheet are packaged and sealed
in a clear polyethylene film bag with excess air removed. Cotton inserts are provided with
the gloves to be worn as a liner to aid in the absorption of perspiration. In addition to the
above, leather gloves or other work gloves can be worn over the CP glove set. It is important
to wear the leather gloves when handling rough objects to protect the butyl rubber of the CP
glove set from punctures and tears. 

Gloves are US Government Contract. "Surplus"
MNF: Brunswick Corp.
Size: Small

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