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Bulgarian AK-47 Milled Parts Kit - Underfolder

Price: $799.95

Original Bulgarian, Milled 7.62x39 underfolder parts kit.
Surplus, used in fair to good condition.
Bolt, bolt carrier, top-cover will have matching serial numbers.

Parts and furniture mixed finishes. Rust and/or pitting maybe present on some parts. Components may display grease/cosmoline.
Furniture subject blemishes: [Example: Scratches, etchings, carvings and/or some trench art].
Possibly missing some small parts: [Example: Pins, springs, sling loop, muzzle protector/brake, etc.].
Some parts may exhibit de-milling imperfections: [Example: Enlarged rivet and/or pin holes, grinding marks, etc.].

Parts kit are De-Milled To BATFE Specs.
Kit does NOT include receiver, barrel or magazine.
No trunnions & No selector lever stop with these kits, milled receivers have them built in.
Intended for purposes of collection, repair, or replacement parts only.

(Photos are for general reference only; condition/color of the pieces/parts/furniture varies kit to kit).

Shipping: $18.30 for one parts kit, $7.35 additional shipping on second parts kit.

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