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AKM/AK74 Type II Bayonet - Russian

Price: Starting at $119.95

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Bayonet Manufacture:

Original Russian 6x4 AKM Type II Bayonet and Scabbard with wire cutter sheath.

Manufactured by Izhevsk or Tula Arsenal.
Condition: Surplus Good to Very Good.

Bayonet and scabbard generally have matching re-arsenal serial numbers.
Bakelite coloring varies due to the nature of bakelite.
Retention strap and hangers seem to vary between cloth and leather or combinations of both.

Option to select manufacture marking (We are sorting these by the main marking on the scabbard. Bayonet generally matches, possibility of some mis-matchers).

  • Tula ("Star" stamp) - Tula Arsenal
  • Izhmash ("Arrow in triangle" stamp) - Izhevsk Arsenal

Price shown is for one bayonet and one scabbard. Multiple bayonets and scabbards were photo'd to display a larger range of condition, color, etc.

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