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STEN MK5 Parts Kit - Wood Stock & Grip, 9MM Luger

Price: $269.95

STEN MKV parts kit with wood stock & grip. 9x19/9MM Luger.

These surplus, used 9mm STEN parts kits are complete minus barrel, barrel bushing and receiver tube.
The receiver tube and the integral front barrel bushing have been demilled by torch cutting according to ATF standards.

The use of torch cutting during the demilling process has caused some parts to manifest lacerations and/or melting of the metal;
Thus will require some fit/finish work or require replacement of some parts for proper use and display.

Being used surplus kits these will show use/wear, dents, rust, etc..
Bolt may exhibit one or more of the following: Wear, rust, marring, grime, etc..
Front sight may still contain torch cut barrel remnant. Selector may be missing detent balls.

The ejector (which is welded to the receiver tube) will be damaged from the torch cutting.
The barrel shroud/nut has been nicked by the cutting torch on both threaded and non-threaded ends during demilling, melting some metal.

Parts kit comes with wooden butt stock & pistol grip. Wooden furniture will show use/wear and blemishes.
Blemishes can include: Dings/dents, chips, cracks, scratches, repairs, etc..

Parts kits will contain parts from mixed British and Pakistani countries of origin due to the demilling process.

Kit does NOT include receiver or barrel.
Parts kit are De-Milled To BATFE Specs.
Intended for purposes of collection, repair, or replacement parts only.
*All NFA Rules Apply*

We can not ship these parts to: Washington State or anywhere else prohibited by law.

 (Photos are for general reference only; condition/color of the pieces/parts/furniture vary kit to kit).

Shipping: $16.90 for one parts kit, $5.95 additional shipping on second parts kit.

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