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1969 USGI Nylon Rifle Sling. New in wrap

Price: $36.95
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1969 USGI Rifle Sling. New in wrapper.
Sling fits M1 Garand, 1903, M1A, M14, M16, AR15, as well as most commercial equivalent rifles and shotguns.
Webbing may display some discoloration from the brass end tab and long term storage.

We have opened a few packages over time and all had been Nylon "seat belt" material.
Beings the government used part numbers: 1005-654-4058 and DAAF01-69-C-0639 from multiple
contractors over many years the part number does not specify which material, color, etc. is within.
We believe the sling is Nylon in the package. If you would like us to open the package to confirm it is Nylon
please let us know in the customer comments section during the checkout process. If not we ship it sealed.

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